catfish music

HEAR YE! HAVING REACHED the point in our evolution here in Kulture U$A where our popular entertainments involve witnessing our weakest, most vulnerable citizens be humiliated, arrested and imprisoned, we celebrate The Drug Addicted, The Insane, The Orphaned and The Otherwise Handicapped. We watch our foreign brethren harassed at our very borders. Our televisions and computers allow us to gawk at The Spoiled Celebrity and The Mentally Deformed alike, at a safe distance—depravities an ancient Roman would applaud!

NEVER FEAR! IT IS THE APPOINTED TIME for the Great Catfish to stir again from its deep sleep. Unseen, waiting patiently in the darkest eddies of life’s great stream. In the mud and sludge He is quietly feeding, gathering strength. Soon He will bring Catfish Music to the children!

REJOICE! Catfish Music resides in the South. It is red. It is water, plant, energy and innocence. Catfish Music combines calculation and randomness, rip-off and windfall. Akin to hieroglyphs, learn-ed in the School of Nature, it is both ancestor and alien worship. It travels by both Minstrel and Camel Caravan. It is made of bones, vines, shins, strings and stumps. It is sung by muscle and soul, form-ed by actual human NRG. It comforts and lights the way through life’s brief day.

LISTEN TO THE VOICE of the turtle! Spend time at gravesites, watch the signs, set traps, fear the thunderclaps and keep and eye on the Horizon. We are all waiting on the Avatar......